Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Damien Hirst for supreme

Yhea guys, ure now viewing latest supreme "box tee", I don't mind hand a pair of those tees. Even in future you will never ever send me a birthday present. Ima mainstream kid who follow hype. And remember when supreme dropped their damien hirst skate deck last year? Reseller Price are bomb! And now I bet on my left ear, this combination ( supreme box + Damien Hirst artwork ) price will fly high. So I'll just sit back, wondering those campers, how long the line gonna be, how craze people for this piece. Especially when it has "lifes a bitch then you die" written on the back. How awesome... I love you Supreme... Not to mention Damien Hirst...

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Senin, 19 Oktober 2009

worlds hottest female (in my book)

Photographs by Michael Zepetello 

Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2009

"self proclaimer" in my idealist view

I didn't proclaim myself an idealist, it was my friend and their sight about me.

You know self proclaiming, and labelling yourself meaning you gotta be true with ur slogan. There's a lot of case that I call "identity disaster". What is "identity disaster" ? Let me give you an example, you label your name "X(your name)X" that shows how fucking proud you are. But man few years later, you turn out loser. And I'd call it a disaster. Simple as that. And I mean man who the fuck are you putting "666" after your name!? Are you motherfucking satanist? Or just trying to be cool and gloomy ghotic mysterious and shit? Ah come on brats! Even my 12 years young nephew could put "666" and say "hi how are you my name is kevin 666" on facebook if its make em cool. Be true man be motherfucking true not just self proclaim everything that isnot even true. Your mom never want you to change your name to six six six. She will be like "what the fuck is that?". Honest I'm sick with all of this shit. Its obnoxious.

Why am I so frontal? I can do whatever I want man, u can write me back as a jerk or whatsoever on your blog, I'm just sharing my opinion here, my view. People call me idealist I don't give a fuck. People say shit, I don't feel offended. Its my life, my problem and u brats know no shit. I'm an angsty dork I admit it. I just hate you wannabes whose trying to be cool self proclaimer, fashion victims, proud mothafucka. Ima lead my life without listening to yer stink mouth bullcrap talks, critiques, whatsoever. Ima free like a bird n I like to point my crap on ur head each time I fly. Mothefuckers like me will burn in hell. But I don't give a fuck ima haters and will always be. Ima sarcastic and will always be. And ima self proclaimer and will always be, cuz I'm true, not like you who act like ya cool. I aint lick my own spit, not like you hypocrete basterd. Ima smart not like you a degree who can't even proof. I smoke 32652 cigarettes a day and health as fuck. Fuck you all

Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

i fucking hate chocolate and it sweetness, i fucking love black coffee when its mothafuckin' bitter

Ima kind of guy who prefer to know the truth even its hurt than you sweet motherfucking lies. I'm not an angel fuck, I made mistake like all of you fools!!

Sorry fellas! Sorry if my wise words a bit offensive!

Fellas, any of you love sweet motherfuckin' lies? Fellas you're such a fucking fool!!

Dear God, please take this pain away!!!

And you... What did I do so wrong to you???

Fuckers up there bugging you? Just shut the hell up and lead your own motherfucking beautiful life will you?

Stop making it hard fuck!!!

Mom, I'm such a bad kid... But I fucking love you mom! I wish I could buy you a house!!!

Daddy, I hope you get well soon, my silence doesn't mean I don't give a damn about you!!! I fucking love you too!!!

Man I love love songs, I love to humm in my room...

Why at this motherfucking hours, TV channels broadcasts nothing but football???

I need my happy childhood back... And if I could turn back time, I will smoke at the age of 6!!!

Million sins, trillion tragedies, and few happiness

I'm not emo you fuck!!! I'm a fucking punks!! Hustler!! Gangster!! Tough motherfucking guy!!!

Its fucking bullshit all in this world is just a bull motherfucking shit!!!

Why you leave me cause ur own mistake??? I fucking forgave ya and ya still think yer mistake is unforgiven!!! What kind of reason is that!?!?!? U can't forgive yaself so just kill me so maybe u can!!!

I'm sick of this motherfucking life

I'm sick of all bullshit

Its motherfucking sickening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

everythings gonna be aiight

Each time I'm in the deep shiz, I just need to look at above picture of Mr.T


Hello readers,

Its been 4 days after my plain boring birthday, no celebration, no cakes or whatsoever, but I personaly thank you guys who wishes me over instant messages, facebook anything, I don't deny it brings a lot of means to me. Why I put "Jork" as a title? Well for now, I wanted to share what I feel about my oh-not-so-glorious-job. I worked for them for one and a half month, I got paid everythings fine, I stopped working 2 days before aidil fitri. And you know what? They never call me back as they promised. They are using cheaper human resources instead. And what do they earn? Fatal motherfucking error! Should I laugh? No I'm not laughing about their cheapskate atittude. Their loss fella their loss. I'm trying to retrieve more information on why they abandon us who can be considered as pro on their company. And fella here's the thing, "BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER" I've got nothing more to say. Screw you guys I'm going home.