Jumat, 04 Desember 2009


"niggaz need to wake up
Smell the Indonesia; beat you to a seizure
Then fuck your moms, hit the skins til amnesia" - R.I.P NOTORIOUS B.I.G

From "dead wrong"

Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

sketch book journal : GORDO

Hi, my name is GORDO

I skate,

& pretty random.

About me:
I love blood, drink, pee and even sneeze blood. It's a shame indeed, that is why I'm wearing my mask. I love skull more than anything. I'm an antisocial, you won't see me anywhere in the world. I live in nowhere land. I love windy nights. I hate sunrise but I'm not a vampire. I love werewolves instead. You won't understand me. I like onion, all kind of onion. And I hate you all people except my creator.

My creator has a poem, a beautiful one, here you go;

If I have a chance to be an;


I would like to draw the;


Creature on earth and make a big;


as something to make money.

His conclusion;

sketch book journal



Hate me, I'm not an artist, just a boy who love to draw. I might fail, but I don't care. I might not know what's up, yet I don't care.

Jumat, 27 November 2009

Nuovo pick up

Neighborhood x Disney, a sketch book, Supreme book vol.5, a bathing ape winter 09 look book, some markers.

Thanks to my bro, Sean Steven who can make this happen.


Rabu, 25 November 2009

Dear sony playstation.

I guess I'm not destined to have a playstation in my life, I nearly buy sony PSP about a month ago, but I bailed. I remember when I was in junior high, I ran away from home just because my parents broke their promise to buy me sony playstation. I stayed at my friend's house for about 3 months? That was the first time I make my own money, I did almost everything to survive, the good and the bad. So I get used to it until now. Alright let's get back to the topic. I might seems anti-game or whatever you call it. But do you know that I always finish every games that I play? You don't know me don't you? Its just that I never destined to have the console, its either I rent or play at your house.

Latest PSP has been released, I was shivering when I look at the shapes, its beautiful, again it just my drool over stuff. Comes to think about it, I would rather spend the amount to buy my needs. It sucks indeed but what not. A friend once told me to work and reach my wants. My friend, don't say a thing without putting yourself on my shoes. Each time I have money to buy what I wanted, I have to kill my wants and use the money to pay/buy what I need instead. Life's not as easy as yours my friend. Put yourself in my shoes. Then you will know how to think before say a simple thing that might hurt the feeling.


Selasa, 24 November 2009

the uglier the better by Whendy



Hahahaha... I knew it, its ugly right?! Well I don't give a damn, its 5.03 AM over here and I really have nothing to do as usual. I got a shitty white tees, and two pieces of "krink" marker so I draw that shit. It reflects my anger, hatred, anxiety, and stupidity. Produce nothing but an ugly customed tees. I'll give you props if you dare enough just to wear this shit seriously.... Hahahaha whatever kids.

Thank you thank you.

Selasa, 17 November 2009

Denim exhibition


Its an honor to be the part of the event (wall of fades) thanks.