Rabu, 25 November 2009

Dear sony playstation.

I guess I'm not destined to have a playstation in my life, I nearly buy sony PSP about a month ago, but I bailed. I remember when I was in junior high, I ran away from home just because my parents broke their promise to buy me sony playstation. I stayed at my friend's house for about 3 months? That was the first time I make my own money, I did almost everything to survive, the good and the bad. So I get used to it until now. Alright let's get back to the topic. I might seems anti-game or whatever you call it. But do you know that I always finish every games that I play? You don't know me don't you? Its just that I never destined to have the console, its either I rent or play at your house.

Latest PSP has been released, I was shivering when I look at the shapes, its beautiful, again it just my drool over stuff. Comes to think about it, I would rather spend the amount to buy my needs. It sucks indeed but what not. A friend once told me to work and reach my wants. My friend, don't say a thing without putting yourself on my shoes. Each time I have money to buy what I wanted, I have to kill my wants and use the money to pay/buy what I need instead. Life's not as easy as yours my friend. Put yourself in my shoes. Then you will know how to think before say a simple thing that might hurt the feeling.


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