Selasa, 10 November 2009


it brings no progress, it was all fucked up, imagining how it would be. and what I can see is just absurd shines collides one into another. I couldn't even tell the difference between belief and faith. its sure two different things. well I won't follow you no more, you are moving into the black hole. all I can see is nothing but mystery. I hated for not knowing, I want everything turn like what I always wanted.

Here in my unconscious state, I declare war for you, both liar/selfish human being. You me and all are nothing but ugly people.

Shit my throat itches. Do you have something sharp to slit my neck straight forward to me throat. And would you help me scratch it? Nevermind all the pain I'm going to feel, I deserve it.

I've sworn, at this stage, my age, my conscious state, that I'm going to be a man. So who I used to be? Faggot? I feel so obligated.

I don't blame you, or whoever that I couldn't sleep. Not your fault. Not at all. Not. Not. Not. Not.

I wanna see fireworks. Oh I've seen them. Last iedul fitri evening. But no, its been 18 years since the last time I blew my birthdays cake candles. But I don't feel like blow it again, maybe a year before the end of the world? I hope so.

Consult these feeling shall not resolve. What I had in mind, I kept and keeping it, until one of the angel of death ask. My hands, my eyes, my ears shall reply, and my mouth will be shutted all the way. Cause none will listen I lie.

Beautiful nightS all the stars, bricks at day. Such a weird world. Everythings seems to be messed up, and no I won't listen to you. I got my own view.

I never feel bothered at all. I'm just a human being, just like you, like the prophets and the thiefs...

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