Jumat, 13 November 2009

Blackberry theme

As I promised, I'll update my blog each time I change my blackberry theme. Blackberry has a big impact in my cyber life, I did almost everything from myspace, facebook-ing, browsing, twitter, and even blogging from my blackberry 9000 A.K.A BOLD.

Why hi fi and the roadburners? Again, it was back in the day in my junior high, I started to listen victory style compilation who has their song "fear city". I was curious, what kind of music do they carry? It sounds different than any other victory bands such as snapcase, refused, integrity, strife who mostly carried hardcore/punk or something like that. Later on, I watched their video "get up and go" and stoked to their style. Rockabilly! Pretty awesome lads with rock and roll music period.

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