Jumat, 21 Agustus 2009

da boss

That was how I picture my boss.
Media: paper, ballpoint.

Jumat, 07 Agustus 2009

hes a dickhead

'Me and Dickhead'
I just got back from shitty schedule tiring job, and its shittier cuz I got a dickhead colleague at work, he's the one who always talk shit behind me, and I tell u what he's an ugly suburb dork. My job started at 7PM and finished at 7AM, yhea brodude its 12 hours of exhausting job. And I didn't expected that its getting worsed cause of jealousy issue. He was jealous cuz I worked things out faster. But its still a job and what not. So, about half an hour after I reached home, I drew that shit. That was me being-cool-smoke-it-out-and-completely-careless-about : a-dickhead-who-always-bugging-around. And please brodude, don't expect a good artwork, cuz I'm not an artist. And don't expect a good english, cuz I'm just uneducated bummer.

A stick of dji sam soe, crossed-left-hand, fatigon, leaked papper, and "snowman marker".

Minggu, 02 Agustus 2009

Chloe Sevigny - uniqlo ads

Errmm.. Posse? Errmm.. Nevermind, ure still ma favey.


«÷loVeChloEasalWayS÷» lol


Hey yall, I dunno how to start this, but do yall remember how many times you make mistake? Gosh if only each time I make sin I always write it down, I bet I cud print my own book of sin in trillion pages or more. Funny how yall made sin, and just remember few that most remember-able (what the fuck is that?) Sins. Maybe like when u rob a bank, when u plan on rape some underage monkeys, when u wank with cucumber, when u fart inside the mosque, when u eat pork (if you are a moslem), when u try to be "cool-communist", when u ditch god tryna be cool and all. But do u remember trillions of small sin that u had never confess? Like I used to be a fucking criminal, I stole peoples money and blame it all to america. Man ima fucked up shit cocksucking turd. So I confess, I was being asshole that day. But since then, I don't even know if I'd stop or not. Time will tell, and I'll ask summore questions to waving grass.

Chloe Sevigny by. Terry Richardson

Dear Chloe,
You don't have to take your clothes off to impress me, even with a mask like that, you still are my favourite. I stared at your picture each time I sat at the closet where I'm taking a crap. You are just pure fabulous.

Sincerely me,

Dear Terry,
You are my favourite camera geek, I love your character, but too bad I'm not a homo.


Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

champion x supreme

Aite, for you fuckers out there who think that my champion x supreme sweatshirt is fake, open your fucking eyes widely, they did exist! It was released years back, circa 1999. Uh hu you guys are just 9 years old brat that day. So ud better shut the fuck up, ya know no shit fucker.

fagson tv

Yall love fashion tv yhea? What about Indonesian channel who puts a lot of fags on their show? The more fagish gayish you are, the richer you are, look at those fagot-ish ruben, olga, ivan g. What the fuck is going on here? Let's call it FAGSON TV (fags on tv)