Jumat, 07 Agustus 2009

hes a dickhead

'Me and Dickhead'
I just got back from shitty schedule tiring job, and its shittier cuz I got a dickhead colleague at work, he's the one who always talk shit behind me, and I tell u what he's an ugly suburb dork. My job started at 7PM and finished at 7AM, yhea brodude its 12 hours of exhausting job. And I didn't expected that its getting worsed cause of jealousy issue. He was jealous cuz I worked things out faster. But its still a job and what not. So, about half an hour after I reached home, I drew that shit. That was me being-cool-smoke-it-out-and-completely-careless-about : a-dickhead-who-always-bugging-around. And please brodude, don't expect a good artwork, cuz I'm not an artist. And don't expect a good english, cuz I'm just uneducated bummer.

A stick of dji sam soe, crossed-left-hand, fatigon, leaked papper, and "snowman marker".

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