Minggu, 15 November 2009


Where was I three years ago? Where will I be in the next three years?

The answer is, I was here alive, loved, cared, happy, healthy and young three years ago. Three years after three years ago, I am here writting this thing on my blog. Where will I be in the next three years from now? It's a mystery, only God knows. 2012 what is going to be? Why would I care so much? Cause things happened three years ago, still tickling my heart. It hurts sometimes, all the ups and downs that we had... It's just not that easy to forget... Three years from now, I hope wouldn't be the end of the world, three years from now, I hope I'm going to be a better man with a better life, so what happened last three months, won't happen again. To have a decent job, so what happened three months ago will not be repeated. It's ok to have a hope isn't it? At least three hopes for the next three years?

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