Minggu, 14 September 2008

denim influence..

Hey ya'll u know some shit can be so addictive when ya'll keep googling, foruming, or wikipedi-ing the shit, i got my denim addicted syndrome since 2005 when i got my first ksubi jeans, but as well, with my so called "BM" habits, i sold and bought anything, so my collection will never grow any bigger. Here's a snapshot of my denim influence, plus my latest vans pick up

brands including: nudie,ksubi,earnest sewn,superfine,you must create, mischief
Vans Supreme x Bad Brains
Vans Supreme x Ari Marcopoulos
Vans Simpsons by Toni munoz

thank's for viewing ya'll

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lives long mengatakan...

bro vans era supreme ny sz brp tu?? ad niatan mau dijual??

check my blog too: http://liveslonger.blogspot.com/