Sabtu, 27 September 2008


Woohoo it's few more weeks to my birthday, for you who read this and have a difficulty to find a present for me, i think my wishlist could hand some help.. So read it my FRIEND!! :D

wishlist ordered by most wanted items.. errmm i don't think so, this listed randomly..

1. Visvim x Mastermind FBT
2. Imperial brand Duke denim
3. APC new cure denim
4. Vans public enemy x Supreme
5. Supreme panel cap
6. Porter bag
7. Comme Des Garcons "PLAY" tees
8. Supreme bad brains tees
9. CDG x Fred perry polos
10. Dior Homme 19cm denim
11. NBHD army jacket
12. Plasma TV
13. xbox 360
14. Visvim hockney x sophnet
15. Visvim fbt shaman
16. Vans rudeez W)TAPS
17. Marc Jacobs tees hot actresses edition
18. Goorin brothers fedora hat
19. Mustang GT
20. Nike SB dunk "hunter"

Thank's for reading, you're sucha lovely men/women

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